The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


In the bath I’m…

A mermaid murmuring indistinct melodies
A floating fish with fins aflutter
A shark sliding slick through seaweed thick
An elegant eel heading upriver
A leaf afloat like a thin green boat
A silent submarine too deep to be seen

In the shower I’m…

A rock rammed to rubble by the weight of a waterfall
A burning house being thoroughly doused
A hardy explorer caught in a hailstorm
A towering tree in a massive monsoon
A grubby Porsche in a churning carwash
An upright umbrella under a spouting sky

About the Writer

Annelies Judson

Annelies hails from Aotearoa New Zealand. She likes cooking, cricket, and her kids (not in that order). Her debut picture book will be out in 2025. More information about Annelies can be found at