The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

See The World and the World Will See You

The places you will see
And the people you will be
The world will be revealed
In all its history and majesty.
All the good things in this planet
Can be witnessed and seen
All of human life
And the larger-than-life
All the artistic endeavours
All that’s clever and endures forever
Will be at your fingertips
Magical destinations and awesome trips.

See how the whole world lives
Realise we are all more similar than we ever realised
One world, one people, all in this together
Under one sky, whatever the weather.
Witness the beauty in art, drama and people’s hearts
All voices might sound different, but we all have one voice
See new places, climb mountains, be inspired
Take in amazing views, inspiration with every breath.
The world shows us opportunities
To experience, enjoy and enthuse
To find ourselves in remote places
To see different cultures, people and races.

Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations:
Appreciate, explore and understand
Be open with the world
And the world will be open to you.
You get what you give
You experience how you live
Events and experiences can furnish every step
You can walk in faraway magical lands
Embrace everything new and understand
The world is your oyster and in your hands.
Celebrate and become the best you possible
You will discover that nothing is impossible.

About the Writer

Peter Devonald

Peter is a poet and screenwriter living in Manchester. 2022 Selected for The Poetic Map of Reading project and the Chronically Online/ Culturable/ Layered Onion Group Show. Also published in Haus-a-rest deconstruction, Dwell Time Press, Tales of the Underbanks (3rd in award), Bolton Breakdown: reawakening, Heaton Post, Cheadle Post, Didsbury Post and 20 publications in previous years. 2001 Heart of the Heatons best poetry winner. Multi-award-winning screenwriter including Children’s Bafta nominated. 150 festival screenings. Formerly senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys).