The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

School Trip

Listen to Jacqueline ...
Keep right away from the pelicans, dear,
They can swallow a duck in one bite.
Yes, I know that it’s stolen your lunch box, my sweet,
But I’d rather not put up a fight.

Don’t get too close to the llama, honey,
I really don’t think they like stroking,
Yes, I know that it looks like he’s smiling, my pet,
But the keeper said not to provoke him.

Stand further back from the peacock, darling,
No, you can’t help yourself to a feather.
Its beak and its claws are quite sharp, my love,
And it’s best that we all stick together.

I know that you’re fond of the penguins, sugar,
But you shouldn’t have climbed in their pool.
I’m glad that you’ve had a good time, my treasure,
But next year, we’ll just stay at school.

About the Writer

Jacqueline Shirtliff

Jacqueline is a primary school teacher on the Isle of Man. She is passionate about instilling a love of poetry and reading in the children she teaches and encouraging them to be writers themselves. She lives with her husband and youngest son in a rose-covered cottage near the sea, and when she's not teaching or writing she enjoys gardening, crochet and playing the tuba and harp, but not all at the same time!