The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

School Construction Zone

Listen to Stephanie's poem ...
Don’t turn your back on who you want to become,
Be ready to show up every day and work.
The road is long & paved with detours,
Finding your path along the way is part of the adventure.
School can be rough and hard to crack,
Don't let rumors compromise the structure.
Kids will be kids and you may need a tarp to protect the heart,
Remember, dirt can never infect a healthy unit.
You control the leaks that burst,
No one can flood your eyes with tears.
The learning site is yours in the pursuit of happiness,
Your dreams are valid and important.
Go get them no matter what.
No one can stand in your way,
You are a bulldozer of purpose!

About the Writer

Stephanie Henson

Stephanie lives with her family in Southeastern, Pennsylvania, but was originally from Central, New Jersey where she studied Communications at Rider University. Her background is in advertising/marketing and most of her writing experience is through those professional roles. Writing and storytelling has been her passion for a long time. A short children's story she wrote was selected for publication by Glittery Literary and she has won three online poetry contests this year. She enjoys reading, theatre, mindless web searching, Netflix binges, sunflowers, sports and anything related to coffee!