The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Running Late

I do a LOAD of exercise
because I’m always running late.

Every day I’m last to school,
I only wake at half past eight.

I leave the house at half past nine.
There’s just no way I’ll be on time.

I stroll in calmly through the gate
Cos I’m an athlete, running late.

Don’t rush me, man. The slower I go
The fitter I get, the stronger I’ll grow.

Sprinting as slowly as anyone EVER
I enter the classroom and mumble ‘Whatever’

Why are all teachers forever complaining?
Do you not understand? I am doing my training.

After school I’m heading home–
But late again! Forgot my phone.

As I mooch back in, then out
I feel more muscles start to sprout.

And writing this’ll make me trimmer
Cos now I’m running late for dinner.

About the Writer

Harry Glass

Harry Glass is a Year 6 primary school teacher in north London who regularly writes children’s poems on his blog ( Before teaching, he used to be a travel writer and magazine editor. He also loves writing songs. And tennis. (He plays tennis, he doesn’t write it.)