The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Royal Dreams

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
I loved these pyjamas
how they made me look like a queen,
with jewels shining brighter
than any star seen.

Now the colours have faded, a rubbed-out pink
with shrinking legs climbing up to my knees,
tasty threads dangling from arms and a
printed crown no longer jewelled.

The dreams we had, the fun we made,
the dragons we rode and the monsters slayed.

They’ve slept their last sleep, a long goodbye
marched to the pile of giveaway clothes,
voices whisper sad melodies to me
praying they’ll stay some more.

The dreams we had, the crowns we tried,
the pets we loved and the horses we’d ride.

This bulging bag full of treasured gold
will no longer be told to stay a while,
it sits now in its chariot waiting
new queens will wear this prize.

The dreams we had, their stories roam free,
I do wish my dreams could have stayed with me.

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie writes poems that sometimes reflect the impact MS has on her life. Her poems have been published many times online and in print. Her poem If I Can’t was a winning poem in Bespoke Verse’s National Poetry Day competition 2019. She has two published pamphlets, Quicksand (Dreich 2020) and Balancing Act (Hedgehog Poetry Press 2021). Website: