The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Room 103

Detention in Room 103?
You must avoid that curse!
Conjure up a witch’s lair—
Room 103 is worse!

Sure, the door looks tame enough.
The walls are kind of drab.
But here’s the thing: Room 103
Contains the science lab.

It’s obvious an eerie fate
Meets all who go inside.
There’s surely something strange about
The teacher, Mr. Hyde.

If you don’t fear Room 103,
I’m telling you, you should.
Kids go in rough and tough and mean
And somehow come out…GOOD.

About the Writer

Jesse Anna Bornemann

Jesse credits her love of rhyming to a childhood spent listening to Broadway musicals and tolerating her dad's terrible puns. Her poems have appeared in Highlights for Children, Spider and publications of The School Magazine. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and two small poetry critics, ages 8 and 3.