The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Rock Pool Jewel

The glass shard glittered,
Littered the end-of-day beach.
It was taken, that night, by the sea,
Removed from a bare foot’s reach.
Tumbled by the cycle of rumbling tides,
Swirled and whirled on wild water rides,
It was turned and churned, mixed and mingled,
With the pebbles, sand and shells of the shingle.
Brought back, years later, sanded smooth, to shore,
Between barnacled rocks, it gleams once more.
Search the shingle, peer into a pool,
One day you might find a sea glass jewel.

About the Writer

Jane Trenholm

Jane loved being a primary school teacher in Jersey and Hong Kong but her favourite job was being an ‘IMPS Trainer’. Sadly, no tiny magical creatures were involved but teaching first aid to classes visiting an Oxford hospital was great fun. Jane enjoys writing for children and is pleased to have poems on The Dirigible Balloon and Tyger Tyger magazine.