The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Robin Robinski

Robin Robinski
Red shell jacket,
Flashy goggles
Winter herald,
Smiling beak to beak.

Robin Robinski
No lift needed
Dashes for the
Mountain top,
Four toes secure
Twig skis,
Clear zig-zag
On the slalom slope.

Robin Robinski
Showy slashes of
Jump turns
Ready for the
Alpine ski.

Robin Robinski
Aerial acrobat
Head start in
Flying somersaults
Only crashes of snow
As he lands.

Robin Robinski
Gold medallist
But there’s no cash
For Robin Robinski’s
Fame is on the
Christmas card splash.

About the Writer

Kathryn Beevor

Kathryn is an English teacher, charity trustee, fundraiser and new writer who lives in Buckinghamshire. She writes for adults and children. Her first poem was published in the book Elizabeth’s Poetry of Hope. She is currently editing and publishing her own poetry book to raise money for the charity KASIN (Kids at School in Nepal). Her poems are inspired by experience.