The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Roar Freedom

Listen to Jonathan ...
If I broke in the zoo
Do you know what I’d do?
I’d go on an opening spree.

I’d cut holes in fences, I’d unlock the cages,
And creatures that would have been locked up for ages
Would now be as free as can be.

Then I’d say to the tigers, the bears, the chinchillas,
The penguins, the rhinos, the mountain gorillas,
The warthogs, the lemurs, the Bactrian camels,
The insects, the reptiles, the rest of the mammals,
“Come on, oh come on, follow me!”

Then we’d charge through the streets in a frenzied stampede
And race through the night at a furious speed
Down to the shores of the sea.

Then we’d sit on the sand and the lions would roar,
And the chimps would all dance, and the hornbills would soar,
And the young would all play, and the old would all yawn,
And we’d wait for the first very light of the dawn
And then watch the wild water with glee.

Then with growls and with grunts, with cawing and cries,
Each of those creatures would say their goodbyes
And explore what it means to be free.

Then I’d lie in the sun
Thinking, “now that that’s done
I’m probably in quite a lot of trouble.”

About the Writer

Jonathan Sellars

Jonathan lives in Greenwich, England. He is severely obsessed with writing poems, primarily ones that rhyme. His work has featured in The Caterpillar and Parakeet magazine and his first picture book, Polly Plum: Brave Adventurer, comes out in Spring 2022. He has two small children, neither of whom can read or write poetry. He's not worried about that. Yet.