The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Rhymey and Bymey

Here’s to all creatures:
the meekly or mighty;
the bigly or smally
or purry or bitey;
the furry or patchy
or darkly or paley;
the itchy or scratchy
or smoothly or scaley;
the creepy or crawly
or swimmy or flighty;
the springy or fally
or sunny or nighty;
the roary or barky
or singy or mimey!
This verse, rather silly,
is rhymey and byme.

About the Writer

Ken Gosse

Ken prefers using simple language and traditional meter and rhyme in verses with whimsy and humor. First published in The First Literary Review–East in November 2016, his poems are also in Visual Verse, Pure Slush, Home Planet News, and others. Now retired, he and his wife were raised in the Chicago suburbs. They have lived in Mesa, Arizona, over twenty years, usually with several rescue dogs and cats underfoot.