The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Reflections from A to Z

Listen to Mathieu ...
A grass stain on my new khakis that mom just bought
Being a Scout made me a big shot

Computers and tag and talking about girls
Designing peanut-butter houses for all the squirrels

Eating my vegetables was always a chore
Forgetting about homework and so much more

Getting in trouble for always talking
Having to go with mom and sis shopping

I always loved watching Dad shave
Just the way he lathered up and stayed so brave

Knowing only zero through six of my multiplication tables
Laughing with mom at some of Aesop’s Fables

Munching most days on a huge stack of pancakes
Never wanting to say good-bye to summer break

Often pretending to be sick
Puberty making me flip

Questioning my bedtime
Reading books about mountains I’d one day climb

Superman pajamas (cape included)
Trying to wrestle with dad and being wounded

Usually trading my brown-bag lunch
Velcro shoes made me get punched

Why was I so afraid of clowns?
XL was the size of my hand-me-downs

You always said you loved me and that
Zero was something I’d never be

About the Writer

Mathieu Cailler

Mathieu Cailler is an award-winning author of poetry, fiction, and children's books. Website .