The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Recipe for Flying

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
I’ve jewels in this bag I carry with me
my collection will give you wings,
the shimmer of a star,
the leap of a hare,
this is where magic begins.

I sneak outside, quiet as pure air
catch them as they lie low,
the wisp of a cloud,
the pearl of sound,
nestled in my bag as I go.

The sway of a leaf, the warmth of sun’s hand,
a petal that glows with ease,
the swirl of a river,
a hidden whisper,
I gather them all to please.

Come take a look, see what lies within,
listen to the singing inside,
lift your arms and
believe these charms,
pretty soon your feet will rise.

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie writes poems that sometimes reflect the impact MS has on her life. Her poems have been published many times online and in print. Her poem If I Can’t was a winning poem in Bespoke Verse’s National Poetry Day competition 2019. She has two published pamphlets, Quicksand (2020) and Balancing Act (2021). Website: