The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ready, Set … Dash

The oodles of spoodles
and dozens of doodles,
the minis, the mutts,
and the dogs with bald butts,

the yippy, the yappy,
the smart and the scrappy –
look! You can see,
they all strain to be free …

until latches go CLICK
and they’re loose, it’s so quick!

With taut leads promptly tossed,
human rules are all lost:
“No rolling in eeeew!”
“Oh, stop eating it too!”

Dogs pretend not to hear
all the cries to “Come here!”
They just rollick and run.
Their mission? Chase fun!

About the Writer

Sharon Dalgleish

Sharon has been a party storyteller, a librarian and a teacher. She has 50+ children’s books published (both fiction and nonfiction) plus poems published in The School Magazine and by The Emma Press. She lives in Sydney near the beach, with a very large part-blue-heeler-part-dingo rescue dog who was found all alone in the desert in the middle of Australia.