The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Rainbow Rejection

Grey sat there hopeful
Fingers crossed tight
They heard the box clang
And they quickly took flight

From the chair to the doormat
A bound and a leap
But quickly their mood
Crumpled down in a heap

“Dear Grey” (the note said)
“Thank you for your submission
Your letter was great!
But you have no admission”

“We feel (at this time)
Just no need to extend
From seven to eight
We are sorry my friend”

“It’s not you - it's us
We can’t fit you in
Do not write here again
It’ll go in the bin”

“But please don’t forget
That our rainbow is shy
And it doesn’t come out
Without your darkest sky”

“You’re part of the team
And we value your dark
But there isn’t a space
For a grey in our arc.”

About the Writer

Paul Jenkins

Paul is a poet born in the humble county of Essex but now based in Lancashire. He's the author of ‘The Bottom Burps Trilogy’ and ‘Doodles from my Noodle’. He writes poetry for children and tours the UK running workshops for all who love wordy nonsense. When Paul isn't poeting, he also works with Empathy Lab on their schools programme and for Rossendale Radio as a presenter. He's a busy chap.