The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Queen Bee

Listen to Sarah ...
Beyonce’s keeping bees you know
waggle dancing
most peculiar
she’s a honey sommelier
a mead maker
a bossin’ bounty booty shaker
all summer taking care of them
growing heather, borage,
mess of sprigged flower wild
meadow, it’s all for the good
of the bees you know,
so they have plenty to eat
and do their thing,
helping pollination to begin
they get on great these singers
halos glowing
honeycomb growing
they dance all day in harmony
and hum top tunes all night
Beyonce’s keeping bees you know
the hive hums happy melodies
songs in worship of their queen,
while always thinking of tomorrows
honey making, collecting
pollen, best places to go
in their poppy strewn flower
and fairy happy meadow ...
they thrum up their anthem
bass humming the tune
she’s singing back to them,
night and day, saying
you just gotta throw your arms up,
way up, up in the air,
singing loud like you just don’t care ...
taking notes all the while
so they’ll grant her great
honey making powers
and so she’ll sing to them
for hours and hours
while they join in the humming
chorus and each Queen Bee
sits and tells the other that
she’s absolutely gorgeous -
Beyonce’s keeping bees you know

About the Writer

Sarah Wallis

Sarah is a writer based in Scotland, with work published in journals cross genre, poetry, flash fiction and stage. She has x2 chapbooks out in the world - Medusa Retold @fly_press / Quietus Makes an Eerie @dancinggrlpress, with one due in May 2022 How to Love the Hat Thrower from @SelcouthStation. Her website is and she tweets @wordweave