The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Poems from Isla and Lucy

Dirigible Balloon poet Michael Tyldesley's daughters have inherited their dad's poetic talent. After watching the instructions on Mr Dilly's Youtube channel where a poem can be drafted and crafted in the shape of a hand, Lucy and Isla decided they'd like to have a try. Here are the excellent results ...

Here's Isla's poem:

A poem is like a souvenir from holiday.
It is colouring a picture
and a trip to the toy shop.
A poem is my best friend.

And here's Lucy's poem:

A poem is like listening to a story.
It is flower petals on the grass
and dressing my Barbie doll.
A poem is smelling perfume.

Isla is age 8 and her favourite book is Ally the Dolphin Fairy by Daisy Meadows.
Lucy is age 9 and her favourite book is The Naughtiest Unicorn And The Spooky Surprise by Pip Bird.
These poems are copyright (©) Isla and Lucy Tyldesley 2023

About the Writer

Michael Tyldesley

Michael lives in Lancashire, England and is the proud father of two little girls named Lucy and Isla. During the daytime, Michael works as a design engineer in the land of submarines. In the evenings and at weekends, he moonlights as a modest poet. His poetry has appeared in Snakeskin and Form in Formless Times chapbook. Michael has performed poetry for The Wordsworth Trust in the Lake District and for Vibe Union in Melbourne, Australia.