The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Planet Decorations

The box of decorations
looks like just a box,
a poxy old box,
but it isn’t.

It’s a whole world
with rivers of tinsel,
silver and purple,
babbling and gurgling.

The box world is crammed
with precious stones,
bright baubly jewels
among the brown cones.

The people who live there
are shiny-winged angels,
who fly all around,
laughing and singing.

It looks like a box,
a poxy old box,
but it’s really a
wonderful world.

About the Writer

Hilary Elder

Hilary was born, raised and lives in the Far North of England – though she has been to other places. She loves writing stories, poetry, articles, blog posts and postcards. She has work published in Tyger Tyger, The Caterpillar, Paddle Press, The Dirigible Balloon and Northern Gravy, among others. She writes for children and grownups; she’s not always sure which of these she is.