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Poetry for Children

Pick Your Place

Listen to Fiona reading her poem ...
Pernickety Penelope was perfectly preened,
Pernickety Penelope visited the Queen,
When the Queen saw her, she gave a big grin,
And said, “Penelope you’re as neat as a pin!”
Penelope looked at the Queen through proud tears,
“Why, your Majesty has plum preserve round her ears!”
Pernickety Penelope proved a poor guest,
She was put out of the palace and placed under arrest!
Pernickety Penelope was perfectly preened,
But her Majesty proudly remembered who’s Queen.

About the Writer

Fiona Halliday

Fiona has enjoyed and written poetry all her life. She has fond memories of family members sharing poems with her from a very early age. Fiona has taught in primary schools, across the age range, for the last twenty years and specialises in literacy. She loves language, learning and laughter. She also likes alliteration! When she isn’t teaching, reading or writing, Fiona enjoys playing the flute, spending time with her family and drinking copious amounts of tea!