The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Personal Preference

I don’t like pink or sparkly bling
or crowns and coronets or rings
or taffeta, or lace or silk
or sweet and frothy strawberry milk.
I don’t like lipstick, scent or soap
or notes in floral envelopes
or fairies, wands and glittered wings;
I’m just not into girlie things!

I like spiders, beetles, bugs,
hearty pats, not feeble hugs.
I like to climb and scrape my knees.
I’m not afraid of wasps and bees.
I like the space to say my piece,
to learn mechanics, smeared with grease.
I want to make things, find out more…
dice with danger, win, explore.

Please let me have the freedom
to take which parts I choose;
the world’s a gift to all of us
to cherish and to use.

About the Writer

Helen Laycock

Poet and storyteller, Helen Laycock also writes fiction and poetry for 8–12-year-olds (information on her website). Formerly a primary school teacher, she has been employed as a creator of fiction and non-fiction text for SATs reading and comprehension revision and has been involved in judging and presenting children’s writing prizes locally. Her children’s poetry has appeared in The Caterpillar and has won and been shortlisted in several writing competitions.