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Perfect Pets

Picture copyright (©) Claire Lewis 2023
Picture copyright (©) Claire Lewis 2023
Listen to Claire ...
Miss Whiskerton-Shaw takes her supper at four
With a posh Persian cat called Sir Peregrine Paw,
Who sits, quite aloof, in his own special chair
And waits to be served with his nose in the air.

Bertie McDuffy is dirty and scruffy –
His terrier, Bob, is a right little toughie.
They scramble through hedges and wallow in puddles
And get into all sorts of mischief and muddles.

Archibald Smythe is one hundred and five
And his ancient cat, Mildred, is barely alive.
Like a thin bony blanket, she lies on his knees,
As he feeds her fruit jellies and fine Stilton cheese.

Serenity Flitt, who is sporty and fit,
Has a trim little whippet called Lickety-Split.
At six every morning, whatever the weather,
They leap from their beds and go running together.

Do pet-owners really resemble their pet?
Just think of the animal owners you’ve met.
Now think of yourself – is it possibly true
That your own furry friend is just PERFECT for you?

About the Writer

Claire Lewis

Claire is an author/illustrator based in Devon who loves to create funny or lyrical picture books and poems. She also does design and display work for an independent non-profit bookshop. Her poetry and illustrations have been published in The Toy and PaperBound Magazine. You can see more of her illustrations on her website