The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Peace is
a river, longing for something bigger
a winding trail, leading to a mountain
rising above the clouds
a lotus flower, emerging from
muddy waters, looking for sunshine

Peace is
a bouquet, gathering a beautiful and
varied whole
a garden of differences,
coming together,
setting aside weeds
a symphony in the forest,
uniting for goodwill

Peace is possible.

About the Writer

Joyce Uglow

Joyce loves digging in on topics from bees, trees, and families to ancient cave art and fossils trapped in asphalt seeps. She is currently SCBWI Wisconsin’s Assistant Regional Advisor and serves on the Board of the Wisconsin Center for the Book. Her poem, "Queen of the Oak Savanna," appears in Hey Hey Books Publishing’s WILD: An Anthology of Poetry. "Snap!" is published in WHAT IS HOPE? and "Together" is in WHAT IS A FAMILY? both books published by Pomelo Books. She also has poems accepted for inclusion in PICTURE PERFECT POETRY set to be published by Northern Loon Press in March 2024.