The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Passport to Adventures

Listen to Lyn read her poem ...
On my summer holidays,
I flew up high and raced away,
With birds with stripes and bikes that soared,
Through clouds that tickled and clouds that roared.

I told my teacher and she gave me a star.

On my Christmas holidays,
I climbed mountains high and hid away,
With multicoloured yetis and famous explorers,
I danced in snowstorms and stole the Borealis Aurora.

I told my teacher and she gave me a star.

On my Easter holidays,
I zipped and whipped and sped away,
With dancing camels and a long, lost map,
I found dusty tombs and woke a pharaoh from his nap.

I told my teacher and she gave me a star.

This year on my summer holiday,
Mum says I need a passport to go away!
I show her my stars that are losing their stick,
And I tell her, not to worry, that she can take her pick.

About the Writer

Lyn Fenby

Lyn is a lifelong writer and adventurer based in York in term time and in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE in the holidays. She has spent 15 years living overseas in places like Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE. She was a journalist for many years but most recently worked as a primary school librarian in Malaysia before returning to the UK to complete her PGCE in Primary Education.