The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Parkour The World

Listen to Mark ...
When I grow up, I will parkour
around the world, my dreams on tour

I’ll jump from my hot air balloon
and dive through clouds below the moon

I’ll land on top of Blackpool Tower
and pirouette for half an hour

From there I’ll take a leap of faith
and surf the wind to Big Ben’s face

I’ll swing upon his minute hand
and then parkour to other lands

across the channel, somersault
land on the Louvre and rainbow vault

and like a dove’s white feather, fall
to meet the ghost of Berlin Wall

through time and space I’ll onwards march
and spin in Colosseum’s arch

then back flip on the pyramids
Splash in the Nile with hippo kids

then double twist above Red Square
‘do all the things I’d never dare’

I’ll handstand on the Taj Mahal
then soar above Uluru’s gnarl

I’ll leapfrog on Moeraki’s Stones
and feel their magic seize my bones

I’ll King Kong up the Empire State
Wear Cuban cars like roller skates

I’ll Machu Pichu, Iguazu
I’ll Blarney Stone, I’ll Fairy Pool

I’ll climb a sunbeam to the sky
and back in my balloon, I’ll sigh

at all the wonders far beneath
and how our stay on Earth’s so brief

When I grow up, I will parkour
around the world, my dreams on tour

About the Writer

Mark Bird

Mark lives in London but is originally from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. He is a teacher and children's writer. He has been published in Brian Moses' recent anthology: The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems as well as by Gill Education and The Caterpillar Magazine. His poem, “Halloween Date from Hell” is due to be published by Ventorros Press in 2022 and will be illustrated by Chris White. Mark has his own blog and website: