The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Once Upon a Future

When I’m nearly seven
I’ll learn to ride my bike.
I’ll do kung-fu by daytime
And ride unicorns at night.

When I’m nearly eighteen
I’ll skydive from a plane.
I’ll trek up Alpine mountains
And then abseil down again.

When I’m nearly thirty
I’ll buy a family car.
To take the kids on crazy trips
To Mercury and Mars.

When I’m nearly fifty
I’ll wear a suit and tie.
To hide my superhero clothes
From dragons passing by.

When I’m nearly seventy
I’ll grow nice plants all year.
Then do science experiments
To make them disappear.

When I’m nearly ninety
I’ll slumber in my chair.
But fly around the living room
When no-one else is there.

About the Writer

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor is a previously unpublished author and also a children’s doctor. She loves to help children develop to their full potential and enjoy the richness of life in every possible way. This includes expanding their imaginations and taking them on new adventures through the power of words. She lives in Norfolk and relishes daily adventures with her own nine-year old son.