The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

On a Ragged Rainbow

On a ragged rainbow
I’m reading with you—
the whole gang can join us
and they can read too!

Climb off a balloon
or pop up in a plane,
if you surf on a sunbeam,
sprinkle sunlight with rain.

This rainbow is washed out
and frayed at the edge,
it bounced in a field
and got dragged through a hedge.

The sunlight’s retreating,
the grey clouds advance,
the gulls in the wild winds
are whirling a dance.

Though curled in a corner
we’re high in the sky,
the poems we’re reading
are helping us fly.

Our rainbow’s now fading,
come quick, take a look!
Then sit here beside us—
and bring a good book.

About the Writer

David Bleiman

David is a grandfather and poet living in Edinburgh. He loves to write across the languages and his first pamphlet, This Kilt of Many Colours (Dempsey & Windle, 2021) is a multilingual mixter-maxter in English, Scots, Spanish and Yiddish. This celebration of David's Jewish heritage includes the prizewinning Trebbler's Tale, written in a partly excavated but largely reimagined lost dialect of Scots-Yiddish. With the sense of humour of an overgrown schoolboy, David is now writing childish poems for himself and other children.