The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Nothing to Do

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
What can we do?
We’ve got nothing to do,
they cried looking ever so bored.
Don’t worry I told them
it won’t be long,
before the astronaut lets you on board.
He told me he’d take you
to Mars and back
as far as his rocket will fly,
you won’t be bored whilst zooming around
bursting clouds up there in the sky.

What can we do?
We’ve got nothing to do,
they cried feeling ever so down.
Don’t worry I told them
I think I just heard
the fearsome pirates just docked in our town.
You’ll soon be boarding
that mighty ship
sailing rough seas out there,
stealing treasure whilst singing fine tunes
a real pirate buccaneer.

What can we do?
We’ve got nothing to do,
they sobbed feeling ever so sad.
Don’t worry I told them
the elephants need help
removing those frogs from their backs.
Just use that board
to climb right up
send those frogs hop hopping away,
in no time at all
the tigers will roar
creating a frog bouncing star parade.

If you’re feeling bored
with nothing to do
look for adventures flying around,
if you grab one quick
and make it come true,
it’ll be the best fun ever to land.

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens writes poems for both adults and children. She covers many themes, but often engages with the problems of disability. Her children’s poems have been published in many places including Paper Lanterns, The Toy, Tyger Tyger, The Dirigible Balloon and in anthologies. She has four published adult pamphlets.