The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

No Tinsel!

This year
there is talk
of new ideas:

Red baubles and velvet bows.
Angels dressed in heavenly robes.
Some kind of garland – orange and clove?
White lights, a single strand.
A silver star,
elegant and grand.
Nothing Santa Claus-y.
No tinsel,
it’s gaudy.

Mum must be crazy
if she thinks I’ll agree,
Christmas is no time
to go all c l a s s y.

It’s singing reindeer,
naughty elves,
chocolate baubles,
jingle bells.
Jolly santas, candy canes,
clashing fairy lights,
homemade paper chains.
A ruby red lobster in a Christmas hat,
dancing pug,
glittery, grumpy cat.

And I don’t care
what she says,
the toilet roll fairy
(made when I was three)
is the only thing
MY Christmas Tree.

About the Writer

Kelly Burden

Kelly lives in West Sussex with her husband and young daughter. She recently graduated with distinction from The University of Winchester’s MA in Writing for Children and is currently working on her first middle-grade novel. Kelly enjoys writing poetry for children and has several picture book ideas brewing and bubbling away, too. When not writing, Kelly loves nothing more than reading, cooking or sewing and if a cup of tea is involved, all the better!