The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Naughty List

There’s something in my stocking
It’s shaped just like a rock
I thought I made the nice list
This comes as quite a shock!

My brother must have mentioned
I never eat my peas
I also never blow my nose
Or wipe it when I sneeze!

Perhaps somebody saw me
Asleep last week in school
(They also would have noticed
That when I sleep, I drool!)

Did Santa see me sneaking
That extra piece of cake?
I swear I didn’t mean to,
I ate it by mistake!

My Christmas Day is ruined!
I’m on the naughty scroll!
I’ll just try harder next year
And hope I don’t get …

CANDY? Thanks, Santa!

About the Writer

Julie Hauswirth

Julie lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband and two sons. A former educator, she earned a BA in English from the University of Central Florida and a MEd in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. In addition to poetry, Julie writes picture books and enjoys participating as a member of SCBWI and 12x12 Picture Book Challenge. When she’s not writing, Julie can be found singing karaoke, cheering from the soccer field sidelines, or playing outside with her boys.