The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Worry

Listen to Julie ...
There’s a worry in my garden
stalking in the hedge,
it shakes the branches and the leaves
but I think mine is worse.

There’s a worry in my kitchen
buried in the sink,
the pots and pans come crashing down
but I think mine is worse.

A worry lives in my bedroom
hiding in the dark,
it scares me with its shadows and cries
but I think mine is worse.

My worry sits on my head
throbbing loud inside,
it really won’t leave me alone,
I know mine is worse.

About the Writer

Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens writes poems for both adults and children. She covers many themes, but often engages with the problems of disability. Her children’s poems have been published in many places including Paper Lanterns, Balloons Lit Journal, Parakeet Magazine, The Toy, Tyger Tyger, The Dirigible Balloon, Brian Moses’ blog and in anthologies. She has three published adult pamphlets: Step into the Dark (2023) and Balancing Act (2021) both with The Hedgehog Poetry Press and Quicksand (Dreich, 2020).