The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Turkey Tom

Behind my yard a feathered guard
Patrols the woods all year.
The gobbling sound when he’s around
Is all that I can hear.

He struts through spring, a forest king,
And spreads his feathered tail.
The summer heat serves snacks to eat.
He pecks a slimy snail.

In cooling fall I hear him call.
Oh, the noise he makes!
In winter snow his footprints show
The winding path he takes.

As seasons change, he stays in range.
I love the time we spend,
Never talking, just forest walking
With Tom, my turkey friend.

About the Writer

Lauri C Meyers

Lauri C. Meyers writes for children from a homemade window nook in her New Jersey home. Her short stories and poetry have been published (or will be soon!) in Highlights High Five, Ember, Paperbound Magazine, Little Thoughts Press, Clubhouse, Jr., and others. You can find her worrying the squirrels are gossiping about her again and other nonsense at or @laurimeyers.