The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Old Tugboat

Listen to Jacoby ...
Bobbing along in my old tugboat,
On the waves we shall dance,
Wrapped up warm in a pea coat,
Do you think we will make it to France?

Tooting along in my old tugboat,
Did a whale just spout at me?!
Well it certainly wasn't a cow or a goat,
We're in the middle of the seventh sea!

Rolling along in my old tugboat,
This vessel has seen better days,
It's amazing how it stays afloat,
As the rigging wobbles and sways.

Drifting along in my old tugboat,
Do we have much further to go?
Being a landlubber gets my vote,
I see the shore! Weigh anchor, land ho!

About the Writer

Jacoby Crane

Jacoby is an eccentric artist living in Derbyshire. They spend their time baking, making peculiar things, doodling doodles and writing oddities, currently they're focusing on poetry and working on a children's fantasy novel called Lumi. Jacoby's inspiration mostly comes from their unusual dreams and the weirdly wonderful things their kids quote, but their muse comes in the forms of Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell.