The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Life as a Worm

I’m just a simple earthborn worm
you find when digging dirt,
and after a very heavy storm
I rise, but stay alert.

When I’m stretched out, so wet and round,
some think I did not survive
from all that water soaking ground,
but I’m OK, alive.

By drawing oxygen from water,
I slide through soil smoothly.
That’s why I always love wet weather,
for then I’m thriving truly.

One rainy day I met my mate.
Together we are one.
With little ones, we are now eight,
and we love watery fun!

But birds consider us a treat.
And hearing tweets, we spoil
attacks and so they fail to eat,
for we’re in home-sweet soil!

About the Writer

Ralph La Rosa

Ralph has written and published tons of poetry, much on the lighter side, but never specifically for children. So this is his trial balloon, so to speak, and he hopes it might be of some interest to early readers.