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My Funny Rolling Pin

Listen To Colin ...
I’ve got a funny rolling pin

I’ve had for years and years,
I put it in the kitchen drawer,
But soon it disappears.

What happens to that rolling pin
When it’s not in the drawer?
It always rolls back home again
And acts just as before.

But I’ve found that my fizzy drink
At times seems rather flat,
Now, is my funny rolling pin
Responsible for that?

And members of my family
Such as my sister Pat,
Whenever she should sing a song,
Her voice is awful flat.

And look at me, I’m telling jokes
That no one’s laughing at,
I blame it on that rolling pin
For making them fall flat.

I’ve got a funny rolling pin,
I keep it in a drawer,
But what it does when it’s away,
I really can’t be sure!
Pictures copyright (©) Colin West 2024
Pictures copyright (©) Colin West 2024

About the Writer

Colin West

Colin lives in Battle, East Sussex. He studied Graphic Design and Illustration and has written and illustrated over 50 children’s books. His poems have appeared in anthologies by Roger McGough and Julia Donaldson. He now writes purely for his own pleasure and enjoys collecting old books, mainly of poetry.