The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Favourite Sport's Day

Listen to Linda read her poem
My friends are fine athletes;
Some are star-spangled.
But I’m unlikely to shine -
In ropes I’m easily tangled.
My strike’s off target
With the javelin throw.
Quick! Mind your head!
Quick! Duck down low!
And forget jumping:
I’m no kangaroo.
For a gold medal,
I’d need rocket shoes!
All eyes are upon me.
Tripping through the hoop,
My heart takes a punch
As I let down the group.
But I love the refreshments
In the shade of a tree
As I sit cross-legged
Dreaming of being free.
Ace at missing the bucket,
My bean bag always strays,
Smacking a spectator,
The Head scowls my way.
With the hockey dribble
Every time I’ll be
The one who wibble-wobbles
And gets the hole in the knee.
I’ll find every pothole
And scatter every mole hill
In that final running race
When my score card shouts NIL!
So do you get the idea?
Nothing goes my way.
Except on the rare event…
Of a wet sport’s day!

About the Writer

Linda Middleton

Linda is a lifelong lover of writing and began sharing her passion for rhythm and rhyme last year. Her work can be found online and in magazines, including The Caterpillar and Pure in Heart Stories. She enjoys supporting children with their learning and teaching RE in a primary school in a leafy corner of England. In her spare time when she is not writing, she can be found wood wandering, beach strolling and ice cream tasting.