The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Brother is Frightened of Santa

My brother is frightened of Santa
he’s scared of that deep Ho,ho,ho!
I’m longing to see Father Christmas
but my brother refuses to go.

He doesn’t mind monsters or dragons
he isn’t afraid of the dark
he’s happy to go trick or treating
he thinks Hallowe’en is a lark,

he’s fine about bonfires and bangers
and fireworks that light up the sky
it’s just Father Christmas that scares him,
I simply can’t understand why.

December’s a nightmare in our house
my brother will not leave his room
and as for the night before Christmas
it just fills my brother with gloom;

he refuses to hear about stockings,
the chimney-breast fills him with dread
he won’t listen out for the sleighbells
just cowers in mum and dad’s bed

but when he wakes up in the morning
he’s just as excited as me!
He runs down to open the presents
that Santa left under the tree

he loves all the toys and the chocolates
that the elves put in Santa Claus’ sack
but I think he’s relieved that it’s over
and Santa is not coming back!

About the Writer

Carole Bromley

Carole was born in Middlesbrough in the UK and lives in York. She writes for both adults and children and her poems have been widely published in many different magazines. She has had pamphlets and collections published and has also won a number of competitions, including the Bridport, the Yorkshire Open, Torbay, Poetry Space and the Bronte Society Literary Prize. Her poems for children have been published in The Caterpillar, in her collection, Blast Off! and in anthologies from MacMillan and Emma Press. She was the winner of the 2022 Caterpillar Prize.