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My Bed

Listen to Chris O'Carroll's poem ... read by JH
When I was a baby, I slept in a crib.
I drank from a bottle and ate with a bib.
But now I’m a big kid. I sleep in a bed.
I dance with a hippo on top of my head.
(No, I’m just joking, I made that part up.)
I eat with a spoon and I drink from a cup.
And when I’m asleep in my new big-kid bed,
I dream about hippos who dance on my head.

About the Writer

Chris OCarroll

Chris O'Carroll, author of the poetry collections The Joke’s on Me and Abracadabratude, is a Light magazine featured poet whose work has also appeared in New York City Haiku, The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology and several volumes of the Potcake Chapbook series.