The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Must be Spring

Clouds scudding
Hawthorn budding
Must be Spring

Nights eroding
Light exploding
Life re-loading
Must be Spring

Earthworms snaking
Stillness breaking
Hedgehogs waking
Slumber shaking
Must be Spring

Lambswool snagging
Starlings nagging
Seagulls bragging
Wagtails wagging
Winter sagging
Must be Spring

Kites jet-streaming
Woodlice teeming
Frogspawn gleaming
Spiders scheming
Silk-lines streaming
Summer dreaming
Must be Spring

About the Writer

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor lives in Norfolk and likes to take a break from her doctor day-job by walking the dog, being entertained by her energetic son and filling her head with poetic musings. Eleanor has had poems published by The Dirigible Balloon, Tyger Tyger Magazine and Northern Gravy. Find her on twitter: @EleanorJoyBrown