The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Mum Asked me to Write my Christmas List

I Googled A teddy as big as a chair
I Googled Light-up underwear
I Googled How much is a Lamborghini?
I Googled Magic lamp (with genie)
I Googled Chocolate-covered cheese
I Googled Does money grow on trees?
I Googled Fluffy Minecraft jarmas
I Googled Trekking with the llamas
I Googled Space flights (offers only)
I Googled Pizzas (pepperoni)
I Googled Books and pens and socks
I Googled Cars and clothes and clocks
I Googled Visiting Peru
I Googled Can you buy a zoo?
I Googled Mansions with swimming pools
I Googled All the power tools
I Googled Tricky puzzle cubes
I Googled Games that aren't for noobs
I Googled How to build a den
I Googled Cuddly Mr Men
I Googled until there was nothing I'd missed
then just wrote 'PRESENTS' on my list.

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie Lime likes walking in fields, playing UNO, and new stationery. She has children’s poetry featured in Northern Gravy, Little Thoughts Press and Parakeet Magazine. Attie also enjoys nonsense poems and making up words. Twitter @AttieLime