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Poetry for Children

Mr Fox Apologises

Listen to Carole Bromley reading her poem
OK, so I did follow that old couple,
but I never planned on causing trouble,

the pig and the cow just wanted to eat him,
they puffed and they panted. No-one could beat him;

the horse trotted after but hadn’t a hope.
Catch up with the boy made of gingerbread? Nope.

Run, run as fast as you can,
you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man

Oh, he was fast and clever and cocky
but that was the day that I got lucky.

What he didn’t know was he’d reach the stream,
that’s if he didn’t run out of steam,

and I would be waiting on the bank
to help him across in case he sank.

He was happy enough to accept a lift,
the river was deep and the current was swift.

I’ll admit I suggested he sat on my nose,
he slipped so I just caught hold of his toes

and swam right on with my best front crawl
I never meant to eat him at all

but his buttons were chocolate, oh they were good!
I was never cut out to be Robin Hood,

I’m a fox after all, we foxes are cunning
and I was half-starved after all that running,

by the time I reached the opposite shore
I’m afraid the gingerbread boy was no more.

Forgive me, I’m sure he took ages to bake
but anyone can make a mistake.

About the Writer

Carole Bromley

Carole was born in Middlesbrough in the UK and lives in York. She writes for both adults and children and her poems have been widely published in many different magazines. She has had pamphlets and collections published and has also won a number of competitions, including the Bridport, the Yorkshire Open, Torbay, Poetry Space and the Bronte Society Literary Prize. Her poems for children have been published in The Caterpillar, in her collection, Blast Off! and in anthologies from MacMillan and Emma Press. She was the winner of the 2022 Caterpillar Prize.