The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Mountain Magic

Listen to Julie read her poem ...
A campfire and a sunlit creek
bewitch me much the same.
Each lures with its distinctive reek.
Each flickers liquid flame.

They murmur spells till, bit by bit,
I’m deep within a trance.
Near either one, I’ll sit and sit
while daydreams dance and dance.

About the Writer

Julie Steiner

Julie lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, who invents things. He designed the chip that is the brains of a helicopter that is now on Mars. Julie only sends her imagination to Mars, but that can be pretty cool, too. Julie loves playing with words so much that she keeps studying new languages to get more of them. Her newest language is Hindi. Did you know that the English word shampoo comes from Hindi, and originally did not refer to the stuff for washing your hair, but to the nice scalp massage part of putting that stuff into your hair? Now you do.