The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Most Critters …

Listen to Colin ...
Most critters don’t care much for titters,
So do not poke fun at a moke*
And never act funny in front of a bunny —
Because he just won’t see the joke.

Likewise, never humour a puma,
Or try to cheer up a giraffe,
As for the macaw, he’ll never guffaw,
He’s just not the type who will laugh.

A duckling is not prone to chuckling,
You’ll soon find it’s perfectly true,
And earthworms may wriggle, but never will giggle,
Unlike it when I’m tickling you!

*Moke is an old term for donkey

About the Writer

Colin West

Colin lives in Battle, East Sussex. He studied Graphic Design and Illustration and has written and illustrated over 50 children’s books. His poems have appeared in anthologies by Roger McGough and Julia Donaldson. He now writes purely for his own pleasure and enjoys collecting old books, mainly of poetry.