The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Mixed-up Morning!

Pack your trousers!
Zip your teeth!
Put some toast on underneath!
Eat your pants
and wipe your hair!
Mind your face
and comb that chair!
Draw your backpack!
Brush your bed!
Pop your school shoes on your head!
Rinse your sunhat!
Lace your shirt in!
Don’t forget to wear your curtains!
Tuck your coat up!
Make your plate!
—what a MUDDLE when we’re late!

About the Writer

Sarah Ziman

Sarah is originally from Wales, now living in Hertfordshire. She prefers to write poetry for children, though thinks that the best poems can be enjoyed by people of all ages. She has three times been highly commended in The Caterpillar Poetry Prize, and won first prize in the 2021 YorkMix Poems for Children Competition. Her work has appeared in anthologies published by Macmillan, OUP, Pomelo Books and Candlestick Press, and various print magazines and online journals. Her first solo collection for children, 'Why Did My Brain Make Me Say It?' comes out in September 2024 with Troika.