The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Sitting in the cinema,
a milkshake on my knee,
waiting for the film to start,
just Grandad Jack and me.

The adverts stop, the lights grow dim,
I take a final slurp.
‘Hearing aids on!’ Grandad says,
that’s when I do a burp.

It echoes round the silent room,
a Mighty Burp so loud,
everybody stands and claps –
I’ve NEVER felt so proud.

About the Writer

Martha Lightfoot

Martha Lightfoot is a children's book illustrator, who also writes and makes Interesting Things. She lives in a little hill town with her husband, three children and a cat. She loves rainy days, drawing outside in sketchbooks and the colour green. She illustrated several picture books before realising that she wanted to write too, which changed everything ...