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Poetry for Children

Milk and Honey

Listen to Carmen read her poem ...
Don’t ask me why or where or how,
But I know a bee who loved a cow.
After spending a whole day on the cow’s nose,
In the evening, she decided to propose.
“You’re kind of small,” said the cow, "but I don’t care.
We’ll be the world’s first milk and honey pair.”
So the bee and the cow exchanged their marriage vow –
Just don’t ask me why or where or how.

About the Writer

Carmen Tiderle

Carmen is poet in chief at Funny Rhymes for Funky Times Inc., a copywriter and also Dora and Roman’s mother. She lives in Bucharest but she wrote her many poetry books for children (in Romanian) while travelling to the township of Joyville and the West Pole: Turvy-Topsy, funky rhymes for funny times (also in English), The Township of Joyville, West Pole Stories, The Great Outside, Who put pepper in the sea?, Selfie with the elves, The Glue Factory … poems translated by Victor Ghiga.