The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Midnight Fairies

While you lay sleeping all nice and snug
Wish fairies dance the jitterbug

Midnight tea parties beneath the trees
Musical bluebells and humming bees

Singing lullabies with enchanting spells
Sprinkle of fairy dust to waken the dells

Cupcake mountains and cinnamon swirls
Candy cane treats and lemon drop pearls

Fireflies transformed into magical lanterns
Forests glisten with shimmering patterns

Animals of the night give a gentle yawn
And fall asleep before the dawn

About the Writer

Giuseppina De Falco

Josie grew up in a large Victorian house full of mystery, storytelling and plays with her big Italian/English family. Her inspiration is her children and own childhood memories in the Yorkshire Dales, and beautiful seaside coast of Filey. Josie is an advocate for encouraging children to explore their imagination through nature, and support their mental wellbeing. Her childhood nickname is Tinker Bell and a fan of the books Flower Fairies. Josie runs her own children’s bookselling business Wishing Willow Tales.