The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Memoirs of a Well Travelled Dancing Banana

I am the well travelled dancing banana,
I've jived in Havana with Carlos Sultana.
I bopped in Beirut with a cantaloupe fruit
who said I looked cute in my bright yellow suit

I've tangoed with mangoes in South Argentina,
done the fandango with figs from Armenia
and been to Bombay with The Fruit Tray Ballet
where we did the plie five times a day

I show danced in France where I did the Can Can,
the crowd shouted "Encore une fois, la banane!"
and I split when I hit the Parisian Ritz
in an ice cream ensemble with strawberry bits

I waltzed on the great wall of China no less
with a charming lychee in a polka dot dress,
and I danced in Beijing for the Queen and the King,
doing lindy hop swing with a pineapple ring

I've limboed in Lisbon with lemons and limes,
boogied in Brisbane with sweet clementines
and back in my teens I discoed in Queens
with jive tangerines wearing bell bottom jeans

Now from my bowl I think we're I've been,
the stories I've heard and the sights that I've seen
From Bruges to Beijing, Baku to Berlin,
I really can't say that I'd change anything

I've seized every day, taken each chance,
lived for each moment and danced every dance
I've sailed every sea and surveyed each Savannah
I am the well travelled dancing banana

About the Writer

Dale Neal

Dale has been published online and in print. You will find his work in The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems (Pan Macmillan), My Socks have gone Bonkers (Fantastic Books Publishing), Watcher of the Skies (Emma Press), Guest on the Farm and How to Follow Your Dream (Little Stories: Bedtime Books storytelling app.). He has two children's picture books (My Grandad is an Alien and The Dinosaur and Me) being published in 2022 with Ventorros Press.