The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Mealtimes in My House

Listen to Niamh reading her poem ...
My Mom loves a bowla granola
my Dad will agree to some brie
they’ll sprinkle sultanas on chunks of bananas
but this type of food’s not for me.

My sister will snaffle a waffle
my brother eats chips with a dip
they both think a smoothie’s tremendously groovy
I’d much rather give it the slip.

And beef teriyaki is yakky
and veggie chow mein is a pain
I don’t like zucchini with tons of linguini
I sniff at this stuff with disdain.

They’ll happily scoffee some toffee
or dream up a plan for a flan
I try to evade it as soon as they’ve made it
the truth is, I’m just not a fan.

They think that my diet’s a riot
and my palate is that of a gnat
but my one dearest wish is a nice piece of fish
because I’m the family cat.

About the Writer

Niamh Savage

Niamh writes poetry and rhyming stories for children, and likes to record them too. Her work has been published in The Caterpillar magazine. She is from Dublin, and works for Ireland's public service broadcaster, RTÉ, as a television broadcast co-ordinator. She has worked extensively in children's programmes over the years.