The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Meadow Song

Daisies dance and willows sway
As Cottontail and Beaver play
A tappy, happy, tree-root beat.
"But wait! Our band is incomplete ..."
"We need some singers!"
Robin comes.
"And banjo-stringers!"
Squirrel strums.
More creatures hum and play along,
Till all the meadow blooms in song.

About the Writer

Hannah Roy LaGrone

Hannah Roy LaGrone is a children's writer, a mom and a former bilingual and ESL teacher. She recently won a 7th place finish in #50PreciousWords out of 700+ entries, and in 2021, she was selected as an “Authlete” for the Madness! Poetry competition and received Honorable Mentions in the #FallWritingFrenzy and #BirthdayBirthday writing contests. Her multilingual students inspired her to become a writer. She shares poetry and short stories on her blog at