The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Magical Countryside Crafts

Listen to Kay reading her poem ...
Can I create a new paint & paper collage, weaving spells with stones and shells from sweeping paths and picturesque little leafy village lanes?
There are crisp and captivating leaves in Autumn that seem to waltz in the air, and then there is a mystery as they cloak and carpet parks and pavements in an array of red, brown, and gold.
I like to keep their colours red, brown, and gold, saved pressed in my sketchbook pages, and other times, there are my flowers pressed on the postcards I would like to send to you.
Or perhaps I will paint with words an ode to the ladybird and then craft my royal ladybird stamp and shape all day with precious stones of ruby red to celebrate the ladybird some more.
I want to create a crown from a fairytale, but I must choose which flowers in bloom can tell my fairytale through art.
Will it be a crown and tiara of golden buttercups in yellow because the wildflowers always call to me?
I can stitch and sew like magic with the flower stems and list the names of hyacinths, wisteria, poppies red, and foxglove flowers in the colour lavender.
But I need not worry about needing magic, and there are friends and family nearby.
The fields and woods all take their place in the palaces of my stories.
I reflect and paint the treescapes green and skylines in silver, blue and grey.
There are stories for each raindrop and time for me to gather and collect each kind of thought.
Spring sunshine on my windowsill and envelope on my doorstep all burst and spring to life with songs.
I will craft a magic wish, especially for my penfriend while they live so far.
My outdoor creation on paper is a poem to all.
My hope and dreams are to share my peaceful and thoughtful countryside vacation with you, and it is this quiet countryside creation that I have always dreamed and captured with an emotion.
When days seem long in future, it can be my path to happiness, creativity, and nature.

About the Writer

Kay Medway

Kay works full-time in libraries and enjoys both reading and writing poetry in all of her free time. She has had poetry featured in a positive news local community zine called The Happy Hood. Kay has also written poetry regarding her family history stories for 60 Miles by Road or Rail in her local community.